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Tuberculosis screening guidelines for Connecticut schools recommend that students who have traveled to a high risk country (please see list below) and stayed for at least a week with substantial contact with the indigenous population since the previously required examination, be tested prior to the return to school after their travels. Please notify your school nurse prior to traveling outside of the country in order to receive instructions on any Tuberculosis testing which may be needed upon your return.

High Incidence Tuberculosis Countries

Edna C. Stevens School
Joan Thiesen


Woodside Intermediate School
Gillian Hanson - Head Nurse

860-632-3564 or 860-262-0725 (cell)

Heidi Stergos


Cromwell Middle School
Kathryn Pember


Cromwell High School
Leslie Knell


Dear Parent / Guardian,

This is a reminder that the following regulations must be adhered to should your child require medication in school:

  • State law requires a written order from your physician or dentist for all medication, including over-the-counter preparations.
  • Authorization for medication forms must be renewed at the beginning of each school year. Parent or guardian's written authorization for school personnel to administer prescribed medication in school is also required on the same form.
  • Medication is to be in a pharmacy-prepared container and properly labeled. (Over-the-counter preparations are to be left in the original container.)
  • Medication ordered to be administered once, twice, or three times a day should be given at home, unless the physician specifies that it be administered in school during school hours.
  • The parents, guardian, or another designated adult (over the age of 18) must bring medication to and from school. Children are not allowed to carry medication.
  • No more than a three month supply of any medication can be left in school. Parent must pick up medication when the prescription is finished, or the nurse will dispose of the medication.
  • Cough drops are allowed at the high school and middle school levels with only written permission from a parent. At the elementary school level a doctor's order is necessary.

Parents may choose to come to school and medicate their child. In that case, the above procedure would not apply. All medication, however, must be dispensed in the health office. Thank you for your cooperation.

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